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Dr. Zeising is a sex therapist who is passionate about educating people and speaking on how to build a relationship that is worth having. She believes that teaching adults and couples about tried and true relationship skills and ways to deepen their sexual connections to themselves and with their partners is her mission and an important public service.

Dr. Zeising has been interviewed for numerous online publications and has been a contributor for speaking events, and radio and news interviews. She enjoys presenting to a wide variety of audiences about topics relating to intimate relationships and sexuality as a professional sex therapist. If you would like to book Dr. Zeising for a speaking engagement in Hong Kong please contact her at k.zeising@mindnlife.com.

Invite Dr. Kristin Zeising to speak at your next event:

The list below represents just some of the topics that Sex Therapist Dr. Zeising would enjoy talking about. If there is a specific subject matter you would like to cover please feel free to make that request.

  • Staying Connected while Raising Children
  • Infusing Sex Therapy Into Couples Counseling
  • Taking Your Sexy Back
  • Female Sexuality
  • How to Stay Balanced While Surviving Parenting
  • Mood and it’s Effects on Sexuality
  • Sexuality and Aging: Info for the Older and Wiser
  • Stress Management and Self-Care for Women
  • Taking the Edge Off: Communication for Healthy Relationships
  • Rekindling your Sex Life
  • Cancer, Sexuality and Intimacy
  • Health Benefits of Sex
  • How to Become Sexually Intelligent
  • Incorporating Mindfulness into Sex
  • Simple Rules for a Wonderful Relationship

Speaking In the Media

In addition to providing therapy, Dr. Zeising enjoys working in media-related projects and presentations. She was a “Love Doctor” on a radio morning show for two years, providing helpful tips about relationships and answering callers’ questions. She has been interviewed on news programs about various topics, attended speaking engagements to educate students about Sex Therapy, and has been called upon to offer her psychological input for various online news outlets. She is always interested in helping educate the public about the field of psychology.