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Therapy Online

If you’re considering  online counseling services or therapy online, you’re probably experiencing some sort of discomfort or dilemma that you can’t quite effectively tackle on your own. Deciding to come to therapy is the first step in feeling better.

Online therapy isn’t trying to replace traditional therapy, but it is a good fit for many people.  For some, it bridges the gap that existed with traditional face to face therapy around issues such as accessibility, convenience, and confidentiality.

If you are unable to come into the office, I offer online video conferencing, a solution that has benefited many people who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to make it into the office.



The Issues

Online Therapy can address such issues as:

    • Work Stressors
    • Depression
    • Anxiety and worry
    • Challenging relationships


    • Self-confidence and self-esteem issues
    • Life changes and transitions
    • Recovering from a breakup or divorce
    • Post-partum depression


    • Stress Management
    • Coping with Loss
    • Dealing with emotions
    • Sexual Difficulties

And so much more…


The Benefits

Some of the potential benefits you can gain from Online Therapy include:

    • Managing life‘s challenges and stress more effectively
    • Feeling more joy and peace in life
    • Learning to love yourself
    • Creating a work/life balance


    • Gaining happiness from within
    • Feeling confident in your decisions
    • Enhancing relationships with your family and partner
    • Letting go of past hurts and distress


    • Gaining a deeper understanding of your needs, values and desires
    • Speaking up for yourself in a confident manner
    • Creating a connected and satisfying sexual life

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My approach utilizes a variety of theories such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), psychodynamic therapy, solution focused therapy, mindfulness, and body based psychotherapy, depending on your needs.

Through the use of the secure, encrypted, HIPPA compliant video conferencing platform VSEE, I will work collaboratively with you, at a pace that is comfortable for you, helping you to create a life of balance, purpose and joy. I will respectfully and confidentially assist you through your growth process, whether it be related to individual needs or a matter of relationship.



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If you have any further questions about whether meeting via VSEE could be the right fit for you, I welcome you to reach out to me directly through email or my contact form.